Other Therapies

Traditional Chinese Medicine is by no means limited to the use of needles and herbs. There are several other tools that Elizabeth uses to most effectively bring about healing.

Cupping promotes circulation to the muscles and skin. It is especially helpful to release tension in the back and shoulder.

This therapy involves placing suction cups on the body, usually on the back. The cups may either be left stationary, or slid over the skin for a deep massaging effect.

Tui Na is a form of Chinese massage that increases circulation, and provides a gentle and deep muscle release. It is used in conjunction with Acupressure, manually stimulating various acupuncture points.

Food Therapy utilizes Traditional Chinese Medicine principles to use food as medicine. It is an essential part of any healing process. What we eat has a profound impact on our health. Even simple, minor changes can be beneficial.

Korean Hand Therapy is a wonderful take-home therapy for managing pain and other conditions. Metal pellets are placed on specific points on the hands that correlate to certain areas of the body.  Auricular Therapy works in a similar fashion, but stimulates specific points on the ears.

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