Some feelings, thoughts and experiences of my patients, as told by them:

“I came to Elizabeth in a funk.  I'd never ovulated regularly in my life, but was able to get pregnant for my daughter 4 years prior with the help of super-ovulation.  During the year before visiting Elizabeth, I'd had two pregnancies that both ended in miscarriages, attributed to bad luck.  This put me in a very bad place emotionally, and I felt like I was physically broken.  A month after starting treatment, I fell pregnant without any hormonal intervention.  We were all surprised, but hey - I am still pregnant and will be delivering within the next three weeks!  

Elizabeth's treatment was thoughtful and consistent.  She takes the time to listen to me (and I have a lot to say) and has respectfully explained what she's trying to do and does it well.  Elizabeth is a great listener, patient, gentle (when poking), and explains what she's going to do if I ask.

I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth to anyone I know looking for acupuncture, she is awesome!  Unfortunately, the stigma of being poked with needles steers many people away, but it's mostly because they do not understand.”


“I am more than willing to write about the success I’ve had with the acupuncture treatments from Elizabeth. I had a full hip replacement that needed to be revised because of a faulty medical device. I saw her about a year after the revision with continued discomfort and pain in the muscles around the hip and in the IT band. The doctors in physical medicine had tried several treatments (steroid injections) but they had not been helpful.  The doctor was seeing suggested that acupuncture might be helpful. I was skeptical but needed relief from the pain.

Elizabeth provided acupuncture treatments in a very professional and caring manner. Over the course of the treatments, I was able to start resuming some of the activities that the pain had prevented me from doing. The pain has decreased dramatically and I am able to do much more than before then.

I would certainly come back for more acupuncture treatments if my hip or any other body part was giving me continued pain.”


“I had suffered with insomnia for more than a year before acupuncture.  It was my first acupuncture experience and it was amazing.  My body responded very well and I was sleeping better within weeks.  And more than that, I felt like Elizabeth was my partner in health.  She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and gentle.  She helped me sort out other health issues that were contributing to my insomnia.  I would highly recommended her to anyone.  She's amazing.”


“I have been seeing Elizabeth for over a year now and what a difference it has made!  My migraines are much less frequent and now managed.  The acupuncture has helped with my stress levels as well.  I cannot thank her enough for her wonderful care!”


“I have been working with Elizabeth for the last year or so to address autoimmune and infertility issues.  She has been very helpful in providing guidance and treatment as I continue to heal.  Beyond her expertise in acupuncture, she is also very knowledgeable regarding the impact of diet and supplements to promote healing.  I have really appreciated her guidance in these areas.”


“Primary issue is chilblains (poor circulation in hands and feet).  With regular treatment, there have been far fewer flare-up...even with the extra cold weather!

Elizabeth has been very committed to helping me stay healthy...not only physically but mentally.  She's a great listener.

I don't hesitate to recommend Elizabeth and have even brought a friend visiting from out of town for a visit.

Again, Elizabeth is a great listener.  A big part of treatment is the energy between the patient and the practitioner.  I loved Pat and it was a challenge to make that change.  But now I feel very comfortable working with Elizabeth.”


“I went to (Elizabeth) for extreme plantar fasciitis pain.  I had tried all different treatments (wrapping, exercise, many different inserts, massage, pressure points) and was considering surgery until I came to this clinic.  I started seeing Pat, who retired and then began seeing Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is a wonderful listener, practitioner and caring person.  She listens carefully, asks pertinent questions and then describes treatment she believes will help.  She doesn't oversell or make false promises and genuinely cares for your well-being.  My foot pain has lessened considerably, so much so that I often leave too much time between appointments.  I am now in maintenance mode, thanks to Elizabeth.  Elizabeth also treated my tennis elbow successfully!   The clinic is overall such a nice place.  The office administrator greets patients by name, follows through with insurance issues and is just a nice person.  I can't recommend this clinic enough.” 


“Elizabeth has been a tremendous help in improving the quality of my life. I have suffered from lower, middle and upper back problems for more then 15 years and her treatments have significantly improved movement and mobility and also reduced ongoing pain. 

Most recently I have developed neck nerve pain and she has also calmed down the pain in this area as well. She has been wonderful to me and I will certainly continue with her for as long as is necessary.

Thank you Elizabeth!”


“I have been a strong believer in the benefits of acupuncture for over 10 years! I tried it as a very last resort for excruciating, debilitating pain; I was being sent to a 3 week inpatient pain management program if the acupuncture did not help. Luckily it did and I became a believer!!!!

Elizabeth is very knowledgeable and professional. She has never suggested any treatment course that was not necessary. I have been very comfortable and confident in her care. I recommend her whole heartedly!”


"I have come to know (Elizabeth) as a most valuable and capable therapist and friend. She has impressed me with her force of vigor, energy and enthusiasm. One of Elizabeth's most outstanding attributes is her willingness to seek out new methods and try combinations which will help her patient. She has helped my medical issues greatly. I especially value her knowledge of acupuncture, her willingness to seek other methods along with acupuncture. We have used herbal therapy, cupping, Korean (Hand) Therapy and massage which have all benefitted my lower back, shoulder and neck.

Following her sessions, my body is relaxed and knows it has benefited from her care. Her patients will be very fortunate to have her services."

A.P. - "A grateful patient"

"The health benefits and results that I've experienced have been dramatic and surprisingly fast, helping me quickly regain my edge after suffering from some of the worst respiratory and congestion problems I've ever faced. Since that time I've had the pleasure of receiving acupuncture, herbal therapy, cupping and Tui Na massage. These treatments may seem unusual compared to Western Medicine, but once you experience how effective it can be, I'm sure you'll soon discover how incredible it really is. Elizabeth is a compassionate, capable caregiver who is both proficient and personable. I highly recommend her and her services, and can't say enough for how effective this form of medicine has been for me. Because Acupuncture is now available through many insurance providers, it's worth your time to check into those options as well.
"To make a long story short, I really can't say enough for all Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine have done for me."

D.F. - "Thank you, Elizabeth!

“After getting acupuncture from Elizabeth I was able to see considerable results in many areas such as digestion, focus/attention, circulation, PMS, and muscle pain. I was able to come in and talk about what was going on in my life (ranging from work to exercise to relationships) that might be contributing to the pain, and Elizabeth was able to interpret how they were connected physiologically. I wish everyone knew about this wonderful practice. It's so simple: the body is full of energy and there are ways to move the energy to heal, build, slow down, etc. that can be done with acupuncture that no other practice I know of can, without causing side effects. Thank you, Elizabeth, for the genuine care you have provided. I have recommended you and the clinic to many!


"Before coming to (the clinic), I had multiple issues including very painful sciatica in my right leg, and a very painful lower back, thanks to several torn discs.  I met Elizabeth at an indoor promotional event, and after asking a myriad of questions about acupuncture treatment, I decided to give it a shot.  Elizabeth is such a wonder!   Thanks to her treatment expertise, within several sessions, I already felt improvement in my condition.  Within 6 weeks, my sciatica was completely cured.  I no longer have that debilitating leg pain.  After several months, my low back pain faded into the background as well.  Her competency coupled with her caring demeanor make her the perfect practitioner.  

I never once felt rushed or ignored as she takes ample time to answer any and all questions about treatment in a thorough and thoughtful manner.  She bends over backwards to make her patients feel both welcome and comfortable.  After finding her, I wouldn't trust my pain care to anyone else.  She is definitely a winner in my book!"


"I have been seeing Elizabeth for almost two years primarily for migraines.  I highly recommend Elizabeth and have given her name to many of my friends and family members.  I was a bit skeptical about acupuncture but my neurologist recommended it for pain relief so I decided to give it a try.  When I first met Elizabeth, I was impressed by her level of knowledge and commitment to her profession.  She consistently demonstrates professionalism, compassion and empathy that instantly put me at ease.  She has a remarkable ability to actively listen, disseminate information and formulate a treatment plan based on my current condition.  I have experienced instant pain relief after my treatments and even longer relief when I see her regularly.  Not only is she a gifted practitioner, I have gotten to know her on a personal level. Elizabeth is a wonderful person to get to know with a great sense of humor.  Who doesn't need a little humor in their life, especially when dealing with chronic pain!


"Elizabeth has a very nice nature about her.  I came in because of back and neck pain.  She has helped me.  I still have pain, but not as much and I have more flexibility.  When I have a massage, I am told my tissue is more mobile and easier to work with.  Elizabeth is good at pin pointing areas to work on.  She was vey good at explaining what she was going to do especially since I had never had acupuncture.  When I had a bad cough, she did cupping and it worked for me.


"My main two areas of concern were digestion and colon related issues.  I’ve been slowly having more and more issues over the years in eliminating and being constipated.  Elizabeth determined that much of my issues were related to stuck Qi energy related to emotions and diet. 
She was able to focus her treatment to bring about a wonderful change in not only my areas of concern, but other related bonuses like more energy, higher sex drive and a much calmer perspective on life.  I’ve been able to listen more fully to what my body is telling me and feeling very healthy because of that.
Elizabeth has an amazing intuitive insight into her work.  She is able to distill out of conversation, examination and observation the true nature of what is causing the issues presented.  I felt very comfortable in each session and very much looked forward to my next sessions!
I would absolutely recommend Elizabeth to anyone and everyone looking at exploring acupuncture as a method for their healing.

Elizabeth is a very positive person and has a way of making you feel great!  She gave me some great insight into my issues and helped me realize that the drama I was creating was not doing me any favors.  She tells you like it is and truly wants to help you improve.  I really can’t say enough great things about her and would recommend her to anyone!” 


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